Boat Cleaning Services

Some boat owners spend so much time
cleaning their boats that they leave little time for driving and cruising in them. Having a clean boat is of great importance, but the best plan of action is giving your boat light and efficient cleanings, and leaves the heavy duty work to the professionals.

Simply put, professional boat cleaning and detailing is the only option in keeping it in its best shape. That’s where we come in.

Who we are

Jim’s Cleaning offers quality boat detailing, boat cleaning, washing, surveys and maintenance service. We ensure your boat is ready for a day on the water, at anytime. Our expert team of technicians will put together a service package custom tailored to your needs and your convenience.

Boat Cleaning services available

Saltwater and other elements can damage a vessel of any size, and it’s important to have a boat cleaning service that can properly remove it. When saltwater is left on a boat it erodes the surfaces, causing irreparable damage. Our cleaning team will expertly scrub your boat from top to bottom, protecting it from saltwater damage…and that’s just the beginning.

Leading the cleaning industry since 2001, Jim’s Cleaning has expert teams all over Australia, ready to work with you. We offer service technicians that are expertly trained to give you the best service possible, in an efficient and friendly way. We focus on the specific needs of you and your boat, and work in regard to that.

Give us a call today, and talk with one of our boat cleaning specialists who can assist you with creating a cleaning plan that works most conveniently for you.

We maintain the fact that we are Australia’s brand. Whatever you need, call Jim’s, we’ve got you covered.


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