Interior Deluxe Detail - from $185

Jim’s Cleaning is all about catering to our customer. We created the Mini Detailing Service to make sure you’re able to drive away in the cleanest vehicle, even with a tight schedule. If you have a little more time to spare, and your vehicle could benefit from the red carpet treatment, our Deluxe Car Interior Detailing will blow your mind.

Using leading edge processes and equipment, our team has performed jaw-dropping transformations on thousands of vehicles. Beginning with a Premium Wash, and everything offered in the Mini Detailing Service such as cleaning the interior trim, door jambs, and boot jambs, the Deluxe Interior Detail also includes a deep shampooing of your carpets and seats. When we’ve finished, we’ll even add an aromatic deodoriser to your car’s interior.

There’s something relaxing about riding around in a vehicle that smells as clean as it looks. Leave it to Jim’s Cleaning to make traffic jams and long holiday drives your new favourite pastime. To schedule your car’s transformation, contact us now. 

Interior Deluxe Detail

from $185
We start with the Mini Detail then we include more cleaning services
Interior Deluxe Car Detail Deluxe Car Detail Inclusions:
  • Premium Wash
  • Mini Detail
  • Shampoo the seats
  • Shampoo the carpets
  • Deodorise the interior