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Professional Mattress Cleaning

Mattresses are the key to one of our most important activities, sleep. In order to keep your mattress in the best possible condition, you should sort professional mattress cleaning services at least once every six months.

What’s in my mattress?

Most people would shudder to think so, but the average mattress is home to 1.4 kilograms of hard and dead skin flakes. This is in addition to the protein stains left by traces of sweat, blood and urine that embed themselves into the fabric of your mattress. Top all of that off with on average over 10 million dust mites, and you’ve got yourself the contents of one mattress. This is why we stress the important of mattress cleaning

What can happen if I don’t clean my mattress?

Without regular sanitising, your mattress will build up significant amounts of grime and other materials, contaminating the material of your bed. These contaminants will negatively affect your breathing and sleeping; triggering reactions to the allergens inside them. Professional mattress cleaning twice a year can prevent you and your family’s health being effected by the filth within your mattress.

At Jim’s Cleaning, we offer the absolute highest standards of cleanliness, matched with the expertise that comes with over two decades of servicing Australia. Our expert technicians can offer you the specialised, custom service that only comes with being serviced by one of the nation’s premier cleaning brands.

Contact us today, and one of our customer service representatives will be happy to give you a consultation on the best mattress cleaning package to service your needs.

How we can help

We carefully remove all dust mites, their excrement and all detritus from your mattress using our specialist equipment. We then thoroughly dry clean your mattress removing any further dirt. We then treat your mattress with a specialist solution. This will keep dust mites away for at least 6 months and is completely safe for you and your family.
Your mattress is now clean and protected giving you complete peace of mind. You can use your mattress almost immediately as it is completely dry within 15 minutes.
Please note: Some mattresses may require steam cleaning and this will extend the dry time

This service is also ideal for rest homes, motels, hotels, boarding houses, pre-schools, prisons, dormitories, prisons, cruise ships in fact most anywhere.

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