Upholstery Steam Cleaning Services

Upholstery Steam Cleaning Services

Home and office upholstery steam cleaning

Upholstered fabrics receive a lot of attention, be it from you, your clients, family or co-workers. Furnishings harbor food and pet odours from daily usage, and your furniture often suffers from spots and stains.

That's why qualiy upholstery steam cleaning services are neccessary. Vacuuming helps keep the dust and some dirt at bay, but good upholstery steam cleaning  services are needed every six to twelve months. Those fabrics are in fact, doomed for the inevitable wear and tear, but it doesn’t have to be permanent with diligent cleaning. With the modern world becomingly increasingly busy, we understand that in order to keep your spaces clean, you need scheduled, meticulous cleaning services.

Our upholstery steam cleaning services

Serving our community since 2001, Jim’s Cleaning is Australia’s leading upholstery steam cleaning service. Our cleaning system is not only thorough, but safe for the children and pets at home. Our local, knowledgeable expert team offer free, no obligation quotes to give you an accurate price before we start. We work with you to create custom service packages tailored to your needs, or we offer service that allows you to sit back, relax, and wait for service. Simple, right?

Protecting you and your fabrics

In cleaning your upholstery, we use specialised, non-toxic, products that are designed to be completely safe for you and your space. Your upholstered fabric determines the method we use, and the measures we take to clean it. We clean in a way that best services you, and we stand by that idea. With an exhaustive sweep of your space, we clean rigorously and stand by our commitment to offer you the best possible service available. We follow through on our claims to be the best, and are here for you.

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