Water Damage Restoration

 Water Damage Restoration

Leaving carpets and other areas to dry naturally after flooding could take a very long time and dangerous mould and bacteria may build up. We have expert technicians who will assess the damage and set up specialist drying equipment to restore and dry the affected areas as quickly as possible. We pride ourselves in working to the highest Industry Standards.

Water damage is one of the worst problems your home can experience. As it is a problem that progressively worsens, action must be taken quickly to properly dry it. Excessive moisture accumulation indoors gives way to mold growth, which spreads very quickly. That’s why water damage restoration services are important.

What causes water damage?

Surprisingly enough, with the technological ease of household appliances, comes increased dangers of water damage in your home. Dishwashers, for example, are useful convenient appliances that also happen to be extremely prone to water damage. As they age, the hoses on these machines will eventually weaken and crack giving way to water damage and mold development.

What happens to my home?

In the case of water damage, aside from mould and air quality, water damage also puts the structural integrity of your home in peril. For example, when water gets into your ceiling it finds its way into your drywall. Because drywall is made from gypsum, and gypsum is a very soft rock when it gets wet, drywall becomes spongy and quickly settles when combined with water. Water finds its way into your drywall, and it stores itself there for an extended period of time, eroding the screws and tape joints keeping your structure sound.

Due to all of this, it’s vital to hire a service provider with water damage restoration expertise because it prevents injury and damages to your property. At Jim’s Cleaning, we’ve been national leading experts on water damage restoration for the better part of over two decades.

Our technicians are trained to clean your property with the efficiency and speed that you require, while giving you the absolute best customer service, period. Contact us today, and one of our customer service representatives would be happy to assist you with any of your cleaning needs. Always remember, with Jim’s, you’re always covered.

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