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Car Cleaning - ACT

On this page we present, a sample of what territories are available. Please call us if you want to enquire about a territory not listed below. Further details are available on request.

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Please note: All new franchises include an Equipment Starter Pack, and a Pay For Work Guarantee.

Work Availability Guarantee

A guarantee to provide a minimum of $1100 worth of work per week. If that is not generated, we pay you $1100 per week

Best industry training provided

Full training includes Certificate V in business and ulimited on-road training, we will guide you every step of the way

No percentage taken from your reveune

No percentage taken from revenues at all, we only charge a fixed fee of around $13 per lead

Flexible territory resell and split options

Franchisee can chose to split and resell options of their territory

Chose Your Own Terriories

Franchisees can chose their own territories, types of services and set their own times which they like to work in

Service commercial and resident clients

We provide you support and resources to help you service both commercial and resident clients

No extra cost operate more than one vechile

Fanchisee can operate more than one vechile at no extra cost, grow your business as large as you want

Franchise renewable at no cost

Franchise for 10 years and renewabel for a further 10 years at no cost at all

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    Region NameTerritory NameList Price *Other notes

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*All earning estimates include GST and are indicative only.