Be Your Own Boss

Become a Jim's Franchisee

Nothing could be easier than owning your own franchise business with Jim’s. In one easy step, we provide you with all the equipment, training & ongoing support you need to ensure you can enjoy success.

The Jim’s Cleaning Group boasts a trusted brand name recognised by over 96% of the public, meaning you get higher prices and instant credibility. Over 3000 franchise business owners are now enjoying the benefits of being part of the biggest services group in the world, including access to the best work, the best customers and the best national deals.

Enjoy the lifestyle

• Be your own boss
• Be in control of your work, your time and your life!
• Receive full support and training
• Great lifestyle, flexibility and income
• Grow your business as large as you want
• Network with other Jim’s franchisees to grow your business

We have specialised cleaning businesses for sale across all areas of Australia.

Franchise Businesses for sale: