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No one knows more than a franchisee what it is like to be a part of the Jim's system.

We know that starting your own business can be a bit daunting! However it's always nice to know that thousands of others have already embarked on the journey and are now happily enjoying the 'Jim's Lifestyle'. Franchises For Sale across all areas of Australia. Our system is tried and tested - our franchisees have LIVED it!

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Here's what some of our franchisees think about their decision to become a Jim's Cleaning Group Franchisee:

Jim's Car Cleaning Testimonial - Why I Love Jim's!
12 months ago I made a decision to buy a Jim’s Cleaning franchise because of the great reputation and the powerful brand. One of the best things about being a Jim is you can choose and set your own working hours to suit your family and lifestyle.
I have been a Jim’s cleaner now for over a year and I can see my business is growing everyday and going really strong.

Vikki – Jim’s Car Cleaning (Whittlesea)
carpet craigieburn vicI was feeling depressed about the direction my working life was heading, being stuck in an office behind a desk all day every day, it just wasn’t for me. So with the support of my wife and the trust I had in Ali Olmez (Jim’s Franchisor) I decided to purchase my own small business.
4 years on I am pleased to say it was a fantastic decision for so many reasons. Financially we are better than ever, even being able to purchase an investment property. My family life is also in a great position as I get to drop off and pick up my kids from school take a day off with my wife (because I can being my own boss). I have met so many wonderful people through the journey so far. Making friends within the Jim’s Organisation and also friends with some of my clients. I love being out on the road, in control of my working life. If you are willing to work hard and do the right thing by your clients and your business you will be successful.

Jim's Carpet Cleaning Melbourne (Craigieburn)


Cleaning_franchise_MolendinarBefore joining Jim’s Cleaning my husband and I owned and operated a bakery on the gold coast for several years. The work was long and hard placing pressure on our family unit, something had to change. After investigating the recognised cleaning franchises Jim’s cleaning clearly proved to be the best value in terms of earning capacity and support. In the early days of building my regular client base I would take on vacate cleans to keep the money coming in, then in a relatively short time I was fully booked with regular clients. The Jim’s system works, our income stream is great and our family situation is so much better.Jim's Cleaning Melbourne (Hoppers Crossing)
norwest bus park car syd
I joined Jim’s Car Cleaning a year ago and it has been the best career choice I have ever made. I come from a sales background and worked in retail industry for the previous 10 years. I enjoy working outdoors and meeting new people everyday not to mention detailing top of the range vehicles. All thanks to Jim’s, I finally feel that I am in control of my working life!
Jim's Car Cleaning Sydney (Norwest Business Park)
W&P Cleaning Sydney MosmanI came to Australia a few years ago from Ireland where I had my own window cleaning company for three years. I decided to open my own window and pressure cleaning company. However after a few months of trying I still wasn’t busy enough to make a living out of my business.I decided that Jim’s Cleaning Group would improve my business to the level I wanted. The reasons why I choose Jim’s were:
• It is the biggest and the most recognized cleaning franchise I found.
• Predictable fees that are not percentage based
• They have been voted the best franchise under $50,000 investment.

By combining all these and a few more reasons I knew that I couldn’t go wrong with a Jim’s Cleaning Franchise. As soon as I had completed my training and documentation I started my franchise in March 2011. Leads started coming in immediately and frequently. I easily survived winter and now work keeps coming and coming. I now have to think about employing someone as there is not enough time to do all this work by myself.
Another big advantage is that you are not alone out there. There is always someone to help you. I get big support from my franchisor and am always welcome to contact him when I have any problems.
I can say that after three months of being a Jim’s Franchisee my business has got to the same level as my business in Ireland which took three years to achieve. I believe that becoming a member of Jim’s Cleaning Group is the wisest business decision I have ever made!!

Jim's Window Cleaning Sydney (Mosman)