Mobile Car Detailing Perth

Mobile Car Detailing Perth

Welcome to the Perth website for Jim’s Car Cleaning and Detailing and “congratulations” .. Because this is the place where you are going to find everything that you need to keep your vehicle looking clean and sparkling.


A little bit about us

Jim’s Car Cleaning has been operating a mobile car cleaning and detailing service in Perth for over 6 years, during which time we have grown from a ‘brand new’ business to a ‘mature operation’ supplying experienced detailers to all Perth suburbs.

Every Franchisee is a business owner. This means that when you call for a Jim you are getting the man [or woman] that owns the business and one who knows the importance of doing a first class job and the value of a good client.Every Franchisee has successfully graduated through the selection process of becoming a Franchisee and has been offered a Jim’s Car Cleaning Franchise.

Every Franchisee has been hand trained by the Master Franchisee, and is subject to random quality inspections and periodic skills training.

Every Franchisee has voluntarily completed a Police Check and been proven to be of good character.

Every Franchisee carries a minimum of $10 million Public Liability Insurance

In short, Every Franchisee is highly trained, trustworthy, capable and invested in delivering the very best service when we come to you.


Why do I need a car cleaner?

Let’s be honest, nobody needs a car cleaner if they love cleaning and detailing their own vehicle But in today’s time-poor world who has the time?

  • Chasing a career and working 60 hours a week, where’s the free time?
  • Looking after the kids and cooking and cleaning, where’s the free time?
  • Spending 3 hours a day commuting, where’s the free time?

So, if you are looking for the convenience of a professional detailer, who comes to you, then Jim’s Car Cleaning has just the detailer and the service to suit you.


What are the benefits of a clean car?

  1. Protect your investment: First and foremost regular cleaning will help you to protect the significant investment that you made when you purchased the vehicle.
  2. Make you look good: Seriously, you step out of the car looking fabulous and behind you, sharing the spotlight, is a dirty, dusty, bird poop covered car that you’d rather not be seen with.
  3. Tell the world that you have standards: You appreciate good quality, you see the value of having a vehicle that reflects your life standards, and your future is with people who share the highest standards.


What have clients said about us?

Car cleaning

I have my car cleaned every eight weeks and have done for the past three years. Because I am elderly and have trouble bending down I find this a really great way to keep on top of it. Having the inside done too makes all the difference. I recommended the service to a friend and now they get their car done too.


Great, would highly recommend for the busy person

Have been using Jim’s for 5 years. They clean my car every 4 weeks. Numerous times they have cleaned both cars on short notice. They are always courteous and friendly when cleaning my car (s). They do a heap better job than I could do. Current car after 4 years of cleaning still looks brand new. Always get the same person to clean my car which is good.


Jim’s car cleaning

Sometimes you aren’t sure what you will get with these types of services. Will it be some scary guy or worse a gross sweaty one? But this guy was great! Turned up exactly when he said he would. Very professional and knowledgeable on products and services. Met all my expectations and exceeded! Would definitely recommend to my friends.


Car cleaning/detailing Perth WA

Do you remember when you first buy your new car and the how clean it was and that beautiful smell….well thanks to Jim who recently cleaned my car I experienced that feeling again….embarrassed as I was that the car was dirty inside and out but Jim the absolute professional made shine like a Gem again….thank you Jim I will recommend you anytime.


Caution: A clean car is addictive!

We feel that it is important to let you know that once you start to experience the joy of a clean car, a fresh car, a carefully detailed car, a well polished car, and then you will become addicted to the experience.

The solution is to ask you local Jim to schedule a regular service and this will keep your addiction under control.



jim's offer free, no-obligation quotes at your home or workplace, to give you an accurate price

Fully service guarantee

Fully service guarantee

Call back within 2h

Call back within 2 hours

Police check

Police check

Insurance cover

Insurance cover

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